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Common Tables

What is Common Tables?

Common Tables is our small group community at NewSong. Our groups are open to anyone; all are are welcome! We encourage you to find a Common Table closest to your home! 


Common Tables are focused on applying and activating the vision of the church in smaller expressions throughout VA, MD, and DC. 


Through the context of building intentional friendship & community belonging, which includes shared meals and shared stories, Common Tables are a place of inviting others to know more about God and place of demonstrating loving-kindness to others.

Groups Launch October22

Common Tables are launching October 22nd! We are so excited for them to start! You will receive an email on October 16th if you have signed up that will give you the information about where and what time the Common Table nearest you is happening! Equip Tables and Teach Tables information will also be sent out to you at that time! 

SIGN-UP: You can sign-up now through October 15, 2017 in the lobby or right here online!

SURVEY—Please take a few minutes and fill out our survey. This survey helps us serve you in building community!

CAN WE LOOK UP available groups by zipcode in the future?

Yes, the availability to search for a Common Table group by zip code is coming.


Information or Questions

Feel free to contact Pastor Jason Peaks concerning any questions or more information on Common Tables here