ROAR Revival Camp
August 12–16, 2018
NorthBay Adventure (Maryland)

Please come join us as we spend 5 days in fellowship, the presence of God, and being marked with the Spirit of Revival. We are inviting youth and young adults to come out for ROAR Revival Camp 2018. This years facilities are going to be amazing! Check out NorthBay Adventure here: www.northbayadventure.org.

At check-out there is an option to PAY THE FULL AMOUNT or DO AN INSTALLMENT PLAN
$75 due today + the balance automatically processed once a month at scheduled later date(s).



$400—Early bird until 4/1
$450—Regular rate Starts 4/2

Registration Deadline—July 15
Non-refundable deposit of $75, with payment plan available. Details on payments and refunds can be found at this link.

Youth: 6th Grade through 12th Grade
Young Adult: College age through 25



$250—Early bird until 4/1
$300—Regular rate starts 4/2

Registration Deadline—July 15 (training starting in mid July)
Non-refundable deposit of $75, with payment plan available. Details on payments and refunds can be found at this link.

Leader Requirements: 

  • Leaders at camp must meet BOTH the leadership criteria set by NewSong Church and be approved by either Pastor Chris Pautrat, or approved leadership in direct partnership with ROAR Revival Camp. Please watch this clip!
  • Pastoral Recommendation (form here)
  • Sexual Misconduct and Criminal Background Check turned in by June 1.
  • Mandatory online training in June and/or July 2018, provided by NewSong Church.

NOTE: Please do not register if you are unable to meet the requirements listed above. 




Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 2.25.57 PM.png


Attendees, invite your friends to ROAR Revival Camp 2018 and you might win our contest. From April through July 15 is the NAME THAT FRIEND Referral Contest. All registered youth or young adult attendees at ROAR REVIVAL CAMP 2018 are eligible to participate. The attendee that has the most invited friends that are registered for camp will win $100, along with a $100 credit towards his/her registration cost. Referred friends are required to put the name of the individual who referred them in the applicable box during the registration process, in order for it to count toward an individuals contest totals. Leaders are unable to participate in this contest. Again, this is only open to attendees that are currently registered or will be registered by July 15, 2018, 11:59PM.

In order to expedite your registration process more efficiently, here are some helpful tips and ways to be prepared:

  • INSURANCE INFO: Have your registrants medical and dental card ready. 
  • PAYMENT: Have your method of payment ready
  • PROFILE PICTURE: Have a profile picture to use for each of your registrants. The photo is a required supplemental request after registration completion. You will get that request in your confirmation e-mail. Please do that ASAP. The photo should be a recent, clear, close-up, front facing photo, without sunglasses. The photo should be similar in style to a school photo. We will request for you to change your photo if it does not comply with the criteria. These photos would be used in an emergency situation, so it is vital that it meets the requirements. Thank you for your understanding. 


Please contact Grace Belizario or Adam Blakley at roarrevival@ournewsong.org OR 703-698-9777
General hours of availability : Tuesdays–Friday, 1PM–3:30PM