Teach Tables Offerings

If interested in one of these groups, please contact the leader below! 



Book of Ephesians
Sunday Bible Study
Nov. 12th Start Date

Leaders: Marcus Harris & Jordan Shimon
Location and Time: Library, 9AM
Duration: 6-weeks

This group is dedicated to a dynamic teaching of the Scriptures. If you have ever wanted to go through an entire book of Scripture and understand the in's and out's of the book— this group is for you. This group will focus on recognizing the grace of God in our lives, walking in love, and standing firm in our faith.


Deep Hearts Young Adult Bible Study

Leaders: Gage Hack

This young adult Bible study is focused on growing each believer's life to a deeper relationship with Jesus. The goal of the group is to eat, build relationship, and read and apply Scripture to live the Christian Life. 


Women’s Bible Study
Meets Wednesdays—Weekly

Leaders: Karen Goers & Gina Green

This weekly meeting of women from the area uses various curriculum/books and/or the study of Scripture and strong teaching to cultivate a intimate life with God in the context of a community of powerful women.