Equip Tables Offerings

Equip Tables are small group contexts that are focused on getting your empowered in your God-given gifts and talents. The hope is for your to grow in aspects of your life, both for personal growth and the growth of the Kingdom of God. If interested in one of these groups, please contact the leader below! 



Imparting the Father's Heart Equip.png

imparting the father’s heart: Papa Tom’s Tales

Leader: Tom Clark

Dates: Sundays, January 20, 27, February 3, 10, from 8:45am-9:45am in the Library

Join us as we explore the power of Malachi 4:6….bringing the heart of the father’s to the children and the children’s heart to their fathers. The underlying theme of this Equip Table is overcoming fear; it starts with understanding who God, the Father, is and who we are. We cannot comprehend who we are (personal identity) without an understanding of who God is. The Table will engage finding our identity, remembering our identity and dealing with his mistaken identity.

Stewardship Equip Table.png

Spirit-led Stewardship and Strategies 

Leaders: Jonathan and Debra Bell

Dates: Sundays, January 20, 27, February 3, 10, from 8:45am-9:45am in the Watershed Room (2nd floor of education wing).

Come join us in a stimulating discussion about stewardship. Together we will explore how to partner with God in conducting our days and managing our talents and resources in order to live free, fulfilling, and faithful lives. Among other topics, we will discuss: 
- What is stewardship and what am I supposed to be stewarding? 
- How do I keep my identity and purpose free from the performance and comparison trap while setting and evaluating goals? 
- What is success and how do I know when I’ve attained it? 
- What does faith, sin, and being measured have to do with stewardship? 


Love After Marriage

RSVP by January 18

Dates: January 20 - April 14, Sundays in the Library from 1-3pm

Leaders: Bill & Kim Dillon

This group is focusing on strengthening and increasing the intimacy between husband and wife. Love after Marriage gives couples the tools they need to have the marriage they've always desired. 

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Leaders: Suzanne Whang & Susan Thompson

Dates: Sign up for upcoming events.

An equip table where participants share ideas, stay accountable, be prayed for, and encourage one another in creative expressions, whether it be art, music, writing, film, business, invention, etc.



Unlocking WordS Writers Group (MEETS MONTHLY)

Leaders: Betsy Herman & Kathy Laughlin

This group is for anyone who has ever had a desire to use the gift of words and writing to influence and impact the world. Whether you want to write music, novels, training manuals, children's literature, this group is set up to be the encouragement you need to be a great writer in a community of writers!

MAILING LIST: Subscribe to the Writers Group e-mail list by clicking here.

BLOG: http://unlockingwords.blogspot.com/


Heaven In Business
(MEETS quarterly)

Leader: Treniese Polk 

This group exists to engage the context of business with principles of the Kingdom of God. Brining God into your workplace is a powerful way to see the Gospel in the earth. This community will provide tools to be powerful as you bring heaven into your workplace.