Impact Team is what we call our volunteers at NewSong Church! We are called Impact Team because the word means:

impact (v.)
c. 1600, "press closely into something," from Latin impactus
(n.) touch, impression

We believe our Impact Team blesses the body of NewSong Church through their pressing into giftings, talents, and times. Every conversation, every action, every volunteer moment is a touch or an impression of the Kingdom of God!

#jointhesong#servetoimpact #yourimpactiseternal

TEXT “SERVE” to 703.972.6688 to get the Impact Team Form (and see the areas we need volunteers for)!

Here’s the areas we need volunteers in currently:

  • Kingdom Heroes: Nursery

  • Kingdom Heroes: PreK

  • Kingdom Heroes: Elementary School

  • Kingdom Heroes: Kiosk

  • Middle School

  • High School

  • A/V Team: Presentation Slides

  • A/V Team: Sound Technician or Assistant Technician

  • A/V Team: Podcast

  • Wakey Cafe: Barista (experienced or desire to learn)

  • Host Teams (Welcoming/Info Bar)

  • Security

  • Set Up Team (Sunday Mornings)

  • Special Events

  • Office Assistance

  • Common Tables (home groups) - Hosting or Leading