This page is for information you may need about upcoming ROAR events, services, and updates. We hope to keep it as up-to-date as possible. The ROAR staff will still send out e-mails, but this will also serve as another avenue of communication in case your e-mail (or cell phone number) changes. 

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New schedule highlight! Leaders dinner / meeting  starts at 6PM. We hope you can join us!

New schedule highlight! Leaders dinner / meeting  starts at 6PM. We hope you can join us!


HELLO Wonderful ROAR Leaders!
Thank you to each of you that serve on this incredibly valuable team. We're excited to serve along side with you this Saturday at the ROAR. Honestly, it wouldn't be the same without each and every single one of you—each an important part of our ROAR family! We are blessed with your presence.

For the ROAR this Saturday you will find that our schedule is now updated. Please see below for the new schedule.

Also, our apologies for the information just now being communicated. We have a few transitions in developing an effective communication strategy, along with a few shifts in responsibilities. Unfortunately, in the midst of those transitions we also experienced numerous sick days as people faced the flu and also gastroenteritis. In the future information is generally planned to be circulated within a more reasonable time-line, with occasional exceptions. Thank you for your continued understanding, grace, and prayers. 


  • 4– 6:00PM: Sound Check 
  • 4–6:00PM: Set Up / Preparing Dinner 
  • 6:00PM: Leaders Dinner / Meeting 
  • 6:45–7:00PM: Leaders Prayers 
  • 7–7:15PM: Pre-service Prayer in Sanctuary with Worship 
  • 7:15–8:05PM: Praise and Worship 
  • 8:05–8:10PM: Announcements 
  • 8:10–8:50PM: The Word 
  • 8:50–9:15PM: Altar Ministry 
  • 9:15–9:30PM: Dismissed 

Thank you!
Pastor Chris Pautrat and the ROAR Staff


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