KH Teacher Application and Requirements


NewSong Church New TEACHER Volunteers:

Any persons interested in becoming a part of NewSong’s Children’s Ministry must first complete this volunteer application in its entirety. Upon completion of this application you will receive a confirmation stating the receipt of your application. In-person meetings will be conducted only after applications have been reviewed and approved to move into the interview process.

Interviews do not guarantee placement within the Kingdom Heroes Children’s Ministry Team. We ask the Holy Spirit to guide us as we consider the season of life you are in and how that may best fit with the needs of the Kingdom Heroes Children’s Ministry.

Youth Volunteers, ages 11–15, must also fill out an application and have an interview before volunteering. There are age appropriate requirements that will be discussed at the interview stage. The criterion in the next sections does not apply to our youth volunteers.

Once becoming a part of the Children’s Ministry team, new volunteers must have all of the below requirements completed within the time stated.

  • Background Check completed within 2 weeks of approved application

  • Attend the next available KH Basic Training


As a regular volunteer, listed below are meetings and trainings that you will be required to meet/attend.

  • Regularly attend NewSong Church services.

  • Attend monthly team meetings.

  • LOP DVD training provided by the church.

Name *
Mobile *
Home *
Address *
If "Yes" please list convictions that are a matter of public record (arrests are not convictions). A conviction will not necessarily disqualify you for employment/volunteering.
Kingdom Heroes Children’s Ministry Questionnaire: Please answer these questions honestly and as though there are no wrong answers. These questions help us to get to know you and your heart more.
First and Last Name, Phone Number, and Relationship To You
First and Last Name, Phone Number, and Relationship To You
Confidentiality Agreement *
During the course of employment or volunteerism, you may have access to Confidential Information. Any Confidential Information, whether oral, written, or electronic, should be maintained in a manner that ensures its confidentiality. Any individuals who are authorized to have access to this information must treat it with respect and with responsibility and care to safeguard access to such information confidential Information. I, the undersigned volunteer, understand that while serving at NewSong Church within the Kingdom Heroes Children’ Ministry that photography taken for personal use will not be permitted. All photo’s are property of NewSong Church and cannot be used for personal or monetary gain. Photography taken for the use of NewSong Church may not be published outside of official NewSong publications and must have authorization from parents/guardians if children are photographed. I, the undersigned volunteer, understand that in the course of the my relationship with NewSong Church, I may have access to and become acquainted with information of a confidential nature, which is or may be either applicable or related to the present or future business and operations of NewSong Church, its research and development, or the business of its inventions, processes, compilations of information, records, specifications and information concerning clients, participants, and/or contract workers. I agree to protect the confidentiality, privacy and security of registered children and their families, fellow volunteers, staff, business and other confidential, sensitive electronic or proprietary information of NewSong Church from any source and in any form (spoken, paper, electronic). I understand that I have an obligation to protect the Confidential Information that I may create, access, use or disclose as part of my duties including the following, among others: 1. ENROLLED CHILDREN AND FAMILY MEMBERS 2. FELLOW VOLUNTEERS, EMPLOYEES, INTERNS, or CONTRACTORS, 3. BUSINESS INFORMATION (such as intellectual property, financial records, research, reports, contracts, technology, etc), 4. THIRD PARTIES 5. OPERATIONS, PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT, QUALITY ASSURANCE, PEER REVIEWS. I agree to all of the above and that I will not disclose any of the above-mentioned confidential information directly or indirectly, or use them in any way outside of my duties, either during the term of my service or at any time thereafter, except as required in the course of my relationship with NewSong Church.